The arrival of summer is already noticeable and with the good weather, what you least want is to be at home, right ?. Therefore, it is at this time of year when we are most exposed to solar radiation. We must be alert and not trust us because, as we said before:  the sun, in excess, can be our most cruel enemy.

Today we ask the following question: do you know what to look for when choosing a good sunscreen? Watch out that in this post we give you the keys.

The most important thing to look for when buying a sunscreen is that it offers broad spectrum protection , that is, Best Skin Care protects us from both ultraviolet B ( UVB ) and ultraviolet A ( UVA ) radiation . Notice that in the box both legends appear. Currently, we can find photoprotectors that, besides protecting against UVB and UVA, also protect us from infrared (IR-A) and visible spectrum.

Secondly, we must look at the filters they include. The sunscreens are the ones in charge to prevent that the ultraviolet radiation that we receive damages our skin . We can classify them into three groups:

Physical filters : they are impermeable to the solar radiation and act on the radiation by reflection, that is, they reflect the light (mirror mode). In addition to the ultraviolet rays, they control the visible and the infrared. The best known are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Chemical filters : they absorb the radiation and transform it into a different wavelength, harmless to the skin. Within this group would be octocrylene, benzophenones, derivatives of PABA and sulfonic acid, among others.

Biological filters : they are antioxidants and repairers. They emphasize Fernblock, vitamin C, E, A and green tea, among others.

Currently, there are many formulas that combine the three filter modes to achieve a synergistic effect.

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