Did I mention the truck received by number 3 from his godmother? Yes, it was here. ..

In the same style, number 3 had also received for Christmas two trucks … this time from the French brand Vilac (Cocoricoooo!) To discover or rediscover absolutely !! It is a really nice brand, which for 100 years, uses the wood of beech to make its toys in the Jura . And the range is huge! Look here … here ! Porters, vehicles, musical instruments, decoration, board games … too much !!

He had the fire truck … all in wood, with two small figures , a removable ladder and a pipe to be wound on the side. It measures about 24 cm, so it is a fairly large toy ideal for small hands. It is solid and colorful just very beautiful indeed!

And then also the semi-trailer … still a beautiful truck that carries two small adorable cars . Three small characters complete this nice gift. It’s really fun to get cars and their passengers up and down on the trailer! And take vehicles from one end of the room to the other !! I love the look of these little cars and the little fellows with their arms in rope! It measures about 26 cm, it is really a beautiful toy, solid and playful!

These two trucks really appeal to me; Firstly because they are made of wood (noble, ecological, low toxicity, repairable, durable, durable) but mainly because I like the idea of ​​taking classic toys to make beautiful modern games , Day, colorful and quality!

Favorite: his wooden truck (1)

When the number 3 godmother asked me what would please her for Christmas, I answered “nothing” (he is already very spoiled); Then, when she insisted, I just told her “take something that rolls, you can not go wrong! ”

Because number 3 loves cars, trucks, motorbikes, construction machinery, buses, trains … in short, everything, but absolutely everything that rolls!

And he spends hours playing, inventing stories with all his little material, lying on the floor.

Then yesterday, as he tore the gift paper containing the toy, his eyes began to shine and a broad smile lit his face … when he discovered … That!

It is a magnificent wooden truck ; It carries vehicles and as said number 3 “one can put cars up, one can put cars down! »The trailer articulates to make the cars descend or mount. And the top, everything, but absolutely everything is made of wood , beech more precisely!

It comes with 4 colored cars and was adopted by number 3 from the first glance! What a beautiful toy!

You know me, I like to know more about toys that I appreciate … so I conducted my little investigation and discovered a brand that I did not know at all; This is New Classic Toys . On their site you can discover other trucks of the same range but also racing cars … here . It is a Dutch brand.

Their site distributes many brands but also has its own brand , with the objective to “bring to the market traditional toys with a new design. “These are quality toys that offer the child an” educational and fun aspect. ”

I was able to discover that the truck had at least two brothers, the container carrier and the wooden transport !

Check this website to know more : http://toylogtrucks.com/

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