The AdSense Account needs some registration and activation process that consists of several steps. You will carry out some of them. Do those steps fully to activate your AdSense.

Adsense for search is one of the monetization tools offered by AdSense. Unlike contextual or graphical ads that are part of the AdSense for Content proposals, AdSense for Search allows us to use Google’s search technology in our blog and at the same time get money from ads that are displayed before results of search.

Therefore, AdSense for searches fulfills two functions. On the one hand offer the reader more information about the topic that is looking for providing a tool that will allow you to search for content on the network through the powerful Google search engine, and on the other hand make our blog profitable thanks to the clicks that receive the ads that appear On the results page.

Setting up AdSense for search is simple, we just have to access the section to get ads, go to AdSense to search and there we can configure our ad. A good configuration of this AdSense tool will take into account the following aspects:

– Harmony of colors between our blog and the page we create for the results of the searches.

– Logo of our site in the results page.

– Search results matching through related keywords.

– Visible location of the search box on our site.

To finish we leave a video made by the AdSense team to explain the features and performance of AdSense for searches, tool that was recently improved adding new features.

4 systems to monetize your site with advertising on the image:

For many, Google Adsense becomes your main source of revenue aa time to monetize your website , but you have to keep in mind as long as you can have extra income through other compatible systems. While Infolinks and Smowtion Media go very well with some sites, for others it is important to use other alternatives. This time we will introduce you to 4 different advertising systems that integrate with the images of your website .

To use these systems we will have to register an account obviously to insert a script that is the one that will load the advertising inside the images of our site, so in a way a disadvantage is that the load of our site could increase a little.

Pixazza : This system has something different to the other advertising systems , and is that it recognizes in the images, through labels clearly, the objects that can be in it, so that add flashy points to the user that when passing the cursor On them will show us relevant publicity with said object.

The payments Pixazza is always done monthly and when they have reached the minimum is $ 10, although you can configure and withhold payments. As for payments currently exist two, through check or payment through PayPal .

GumGum : It’s another system that seems to pay quite well, the only drawback is that advertising is not suitable for sites in Spanish since most advertisers are not from Spanish-speaking countries. Among the drawbacks of this advertising system are the payments, which are made 60 days after having reached the minimum that currently must be at least $ 50 dollars.

The payments GumGum is mainly made through PayPal, but if we contacted the support site can send a check to our house obviously providing all the information needed.

AdsinImages : This also has the advantage of having advertisers in Spanish so the ads may be more relevant to the content we offer. The means of payment are two, through bank transfer and through PayPal. Apparently he is of the same creators of Intextual.

Image Space Media : The best known of all, has ads in both English and Spanish (although there are few) payments are also made through PayPal but there are already many users who complain about how little is gained with this system Advertising.

For those who have had experience with these advertising systems will know that the profits are very unstable, but never know to try to earn some extra money . On the other hand, we can highlight all of these to Pixazza who seems to be the one that pays the most. Below we can see a video of its operation.

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