We Latinas have unique and powerful factions. Learn to highlight them to the maximum by creating a game of lights and shadows that you can carry at any time of the day. Our  celebrity make-up artist Claudia Betancur  teaches us 3 easy steps to achieve that professional finish.

The first key to a Pro finish is to uniform your face and make it perfect for contouring technique. Product: ofra cosmetics uk  foundation.

  • Apply the base throughout your face with slight touches , following the guide lines of the photo. For even application, do not forget to use ofra cosmetics uk pro base brush .
  • Blend from the center of the face towards the ends until you can unify the tone of your skin with the ofra cosmetics uk Pro Base Brush , remember to remove the excess product before doing so that the color remains even.

For day-to-day, profile and emphasize your factions as an expert in a fast, easy and flawless way with Professional Contour Powder ofra cosmetics uk Pro .

  • Lighten: Highlight your best features by applying the lighter shade (1) in the area of ​​the nose, chin and cheekbones.
  • Deepen: Give your facial features more depth and definition with the middle tone (2) on the temple, nose, cheeks and chin area.
  • Bronze: Achieve a summer effect by applying the darkest tone (3) and blend it with the other shades for a professional finish.

If you want to further refine your face, it’s best to Contouring technique with   Corr ector Professional Facial ofra cosmetics uk Pro

  • Apply the clear correction (A) in the light zones, and the dark corrector (B) on the forehead and chin to give a deep effect to your face.
  • Blend to integrate tones using the ofra cosmetics uk Pro Base Brush . Make sure it looks even.

* Do not hesitate to use it also to cover imperfections like spots, wrinkles and acne.

The touch of color gives life to your face, with a soft texture on your cheeks with the   Flush compact effect gems and minerals .

  • Apply the blush only in the center of your cheeks , when you load the brush it is very important that you remove the excess to avoid having very intense color.
  • Blend with circular motions to the temples to highlight your cheekbones. The color should be subtle and sophisticated.

It achieves a super in look for any moment of the day. Highlight the factions of your face as an expert using contouring techniques and give the final touch of life with flush on your cheeks for a Pro finish.

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