Online advertising was always been fruitful. But since 2001, when Google launched its advertising platform adwords, online advertising is arguably the best platform of advertising due to its numerous benefits that are cost effectiveness, performance orientation and deep target market.

In the beginning even Google did not know that it will take online advertising to a different scale with adwords.

Adwords is a pay per click (ppc) platform by Google where one can place its text advertising on selected search keywords and the ads appear on search engine results pages (SERP). Payment is done by bidding on every keyword individually or collectively (also known as automatic bidding). The bidding price depends on the keyword that is being targeted, competition for that particular keyword and geographical location where the ad has to be shown. For example- an ad in India may be economical in comparison to the same ad in United States for same keyword. One of the reasons behind this is the level of competition that differs in these two countries.

In adwords a person can select the keywords on which the text advertisement will show up but also targeting can be done on the basis of geographical location, kind of device on which the ad has to be shown, demographic settings like gender and age, etc. Probably the best thing about advertising through adwords is that you only have to pay when someone clicks the advertisement and not on every impression or every one thousand impressions. Perhaps this is where adwords was way ahead of other online advertising platforms that existed earlier.

Here is a small example of how adwords works- Let’s say you are marketing head of a marketing agency in New Delhi and you have some advertising budgets for dispense at your end. After some RD you have decided to go with adwords advertising. So this is adwords advertising is done.

Step wise guideline to advertising with adwords-

Step 1- You would only want those people to visit your website who are looking for some sort of marketing services. Hence, find appropriate keywords that are searched on Google every month. You can find keywords from here find relevant keywords For example- suitable keywords for marketing agency would be marketing services, marketing company, best marketing agency, marketing service, marketing company in delhi.

Step 2- Select keywords with proper analysis

Step 3- Do your ad settings like place, device, bidding options, ad extension, etc

Step 4- Create an ad creative. Your ad text should be brief and yet explanatory. it is your first time then it is advisable to create multiple ad creative’s for testing purpose.

Step 5- Start running the ads on the selected keywords

Step 6- Select your bid carefully, do not go over budget.

Step 7- Your ad will start running after approval from adwords. Carefully monitor your statistics to see which ad is performing better than the rest and pursue with that ad.

Step 8- Google analytics- It is an extension to adwords but very much advisable. Check the behavior of the traffic that is being sent through adwords ads for the best output.

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