is a well known name when it comes to search any information or website online.

Google earn most of its revenue by allowing other websites to advertise on their search engine pages. This task is managed through Google`s Adwords program. It`s a paid option to advertise a website.

On the other hand, Google Adsense is a program that allows posting these advertisements on a website. In other words, through Adsense one can earn a share of revenue that Google earns from Adwords by displaying these ads on their websites.

Google Adsense works by involvement of three different kinds of individuals:

  1. Advertiser
  2. Publisher or website owners
  3. Website visitors

Advertiser use Google Adword program for the purpose of advertisement of their website, products, services or brands not only on Google`s search engine page, but also on external websites affiliated to Google Adsense. An advertiser has options to choose types of websites they want to use for their websites.

While, publishers or website owners are individuals who participate in Google Adsense program, allowing/ requesting Google to provide them a JavaScript, that is to be pasted o their websites. These JavaScript displays ads that are posted by advertisers. These ads can be customized according to the website of the publisher.

A website visitor visits a Google Adsense participant`s website and see relevant ads. When they click on certain ad, Google shares a percentage, earned by advertiser, with publisher or website owner.

A participant of Google Adsense is paid according to clicks attempted on ads pasted on their website. These websites can be blogs also. Thus in a view, even a blog which can be created for free, can make money by simply registering with Google Adsense. However, Google does not disclose the actual amount shared on per click. It mainly depends what an advertiser pays for per advertisement to Google.

Somehow, it`s not that easy to start earning through Adsense. The initial phase is the challenging part since it`s complicated to get approved by Google. Google authorization criteria is to judge between illegal and legal websites. Rules to approve Indian websites are much tougher since their applications are lot in number and so are illegalness within them. Also Google judge what a website is all about and are the terms popular enough to be frequently searched and visited. Once a website satisfies legal and traffic norms, Google approves it.

Better earning through Adsense depends upon:

  1. Optimization of a website

Optimizing a website creates better visibility and thus increases traffic. Once the traffic level is good enough, Google frequently provides high paying and more relevant ads.

  1. Understanding Adsense basic formula.

As like every other program, Adsense also runs on a basic formula. Once this formulated program is understood, it becomes easy to judge how to increase earning through a website and what are the ways to get highly paid ads on a website.

  1. Improving Click through rates

Click through rate is defined as average number of clicks through per hundred ad impressions. Adding quality content, proper customization and relevant visuals helps in increasing CTR for a website and ultimately resulting in earning.

  1. Innovating the advertisement strategy

Innovation is always beneficial and it also goes while advertising online. A website owner must focus on innovating ad placement options, color options, formatting options etc. This helps in attracting visitors towards an advertisement to click upon.

  1. Adding relevant and most searched topics in the website

A website must contain highly searched topics on a search engine. However these topics should be relevant and should make sense according to the website. This helps in attracting Google to provide premium ads, which pay good earning rates.

Earning will never seem so easy once a person starts using Google Adsense with innovation and better strategy. Success of Google Adsense is because a big population has earned a lot through them and still innovating ways to increase it.

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