What is HCG?

HCG diets is the acronym in English for a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. This hormone is produced naturally by the human body during pregnancy and has the function of maintaining the corpus luteum in the ovary during the first trimester of gestation, which is essential for the maintenance of pregnancy.

PHASE OF THE CHARGEĀ  (2 days) .- Some call it “days of the gorge”. Most people with excess weight, despite this abnormal excess fat, have great difficulty in using this stored fat.

These days you will saturate your blood with the nutrients your body needs to replenish reserve fat to calm hunger during the transition to the central phase.

This phase lasts only two days. At this stage the use of HCG is already started according to its prescribed dosage. Your diet at this stage will be with the foods that make you fatter, the ones you can. Focus on foods rich in fats and oils, avoid carbohydrates.

On the morning of your first day weigh yourself, record your initial weight and body measurements. Empty your bladder before weighing and wear the clothes of your initial weight at each weighing. Always record your measurements.



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