We understood the basics of business in general and some aspects of online business. We learned something about mind set up which clearly said No pains No Gains. I am explaining you all these to get you on right track with a clear mind set  . Now lets us discuss what is the requirement to start business online? If you compare offline business you will require  office ,staff, telephone, computers etc. If you are in production you require factory set up. These all involves substantial cost and management. Online business also requires resources but very less. If you are running business individual basis requirement is just few items. Real Make Money Online helps beginners to make money .

Computer Desk top / Lap Top. Smart phone may work to some extent but it is always preferred to have desk top / Laptop. Lap top will give you enough flexibility so that you are in better position to control the things. You will able to work anywhere with Lap Top.

Internet Connection – You require good high speed connection.

This is the only requirement as per as hardware.  You can work anywhere and everywhere across the world provided you have got Internet Connection. However on soft side you require everything what offline business requires.

Passion for Online Work

Ability to learn and apply.


Online mind set

Business Mind

I  am always using a word business mind everywhere. It has got some inner connotation. When I started this journey really I wasted lot of time wandering here and there. Really even after so much experience in offline business I did not realize the value of time. When I lost time I realized I lost money also. Have I been worked with business mind I would not have lost this most precious time. IF you understand this then sky is the limit. However if you treat this as hobby you will get money like hobby only.

You will have some pennies in your hand that’s all. Whatever approach or time you deploy please honour your time. Internet is so much fascinating and distracting you will never know that you have lost somewhere.  We will discuss all this reasons of failure in subsequent chapter. I assure you if you follow a strict disciplined approach money will start flooding to your account after a time which depends how smart you work.

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