Competition, as per defined by Oxford is “the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others”.

On internet, there is ongoing live competition to establish superiority over other.

This competition is to make a website visible, gain better traffic on a website and to set a better brand identity around the globe. Among every medium available on web, search engines are most preferred way to accomplish all needs. Since being the only medium where customer searches for his/her need and thus organizations don’t have to evolve efforts to acquire them, search engine have marked a maximum height in terms of usage.

Thus, now every big or small business wants to rank their website high on a SERPs i.e. search engine result pages. For details, here are 10 results explained why your website must rank high on SERPs:

1- Easier & Cheaper way to acquire customer:

As discussed earlier also, it is the only tool of marketing that shows you to your prospective and targeted customers who themselves searched for the product or services that you are offering at that point of time. Thus finding and acquiring a customer becomes easier and cheaper.

2- Efficient way to increase your website`s traffic:

An increased traffic increases chances to drive a customer into buying action. A top ranked search engine visibility helps in generating good leads through increased traffic. Thus motto of generating better revenue through online marketing tactics is achieved at much lower cost than any other medium.

3- Well targeted customers

Customers coming using search engines are well targeted, since they reached your website by searching certain keywords which was either intentionally created by you or they exist as main keywords, may be defining your product or service. Thus buying possibilities for customers are much higher in the case they took the path to your website through search engines.

4- Customer searches you on first page of search engine

It was found that more than 90% of search engine users are satisfied with the search result coming on the first search engine result page. Only a few goes to 2nd and a very less keep searching on other pages. Before going to any other pages, users prefer researching by changing keywords. Thus for a business, it becomes important to be in the top results.

5- Measurability

Process used to rank high your websites is called SEO. Using SEO is beneficial in sense of many terms, but especially it shows positivity while being measurable. You can actually track your traffic and know what ways do customers prefer to acquire your product or service. Finally you can concentrate on most beneficial tactics and apply strategies.

6- Wider coverage

Search engines are used in the same manner all over the globe. Being in top results will show you well ranked around the world. Thus if you want to attract customers from different regions of the world, being well ranked in the search engine becomes important. It also works when you want the same applied for specific demographic areas.

7- Making it easy for your customer to reach you

Take an example when your customer needs help and he/she is unable to find your website on search engine. It’s a nightmare for any businessman. Certainly the customer will drop your service or will be dissatisfied from you, apart from this, that you have actually implemented a good support service. Now consider just an opposite situation. When a customer is able to search your support service and is satisfied by it, he not even comes back when needed but also suggest others about the level of support service and easiness to find it.

8- Makes your website popular

Imagine when your website comes on first page every time, when a certain keyword related to your product or service is searched. By general human nature, people recognize your website as many times they find it. Even, they may remember your web address and may convey it to other. Thus search engines works as popularizing your website, but only when it is well ranked.

9- You get more than you invested

Ranking your website through SEO is not costly. However, if it is costly, you even though get higher returns. Returns are in terms of customer acquisition. They buy products and services to generate your revenue and thus pay back more than you invested.

10- Stay ahead from your competitors

Now, as stated initially, competition is the most important factor. Ranking high on search engine means ranking good from your competitors. Customers using search engine, generally judge ranking of a business by simply watching how high are the result of a certain business and prefer the top ranked website. Thus, have a dream of being on first place of search engine; your dream of being top of the industry may come true

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